Our core principles
help us stay focused

We’d like to share our values and way of life. Our core principles are here to help us stay on track and focused. Bit Finer is a digital powerhouse where delivering digital madness is common practice. We get out of bed every morning to push ourselves and our work outcomes even further.

Deliver the WOW effect through your actions

WOW means a lot of things and in this case we mean that the outcome of your efforts must be unconventional and innovative. The outcome must differentiate itself from the clutter. So what we do goes over and beyond what is expected – in everything we do. Raising eyebrows and emotions is the key. We don’t want to be mediocre, or to produce anything that is just ordinary. We need to figure out and design an experience that creates the WOW effect – in ourselves, in our clients, in our partners. Help even when it’s not your job. Wow everyone, everywhere. Wow yourself.

Create fun and a little weirdness as you go

Creating fun and being a little weird is necessary because it is the opposite of being part of having a corporate mindset and being boring. The two things we all want to avoid ! We are giving our valuable time to many people and many causes, and, as you know, we only live once and laughter is proven to extend one’s life. So we had better have fun as we go and we’re here for the long run. You most likely have a personality, so just let it shine and be true to yourself.

Be humble and nice to the people you work with

Respect and trust are our driving force. We believe that there will always be ups and downs and that we constantly have to be respectful. We respect ourselves and everybody we work with and even the people we do not work with. Arrogance is an expensive hobby that none of us practices. Accomplishments are nice, but staying humble and true is even nicer. Small or big – for us it’s the same gig.

Be passionate and determined

Combine these two and nothing can stop you. We all have an inner drive – it’s what is pushing us forward even when the batteries are low. Passion is something you already have – if you’re not feeling this you must be doing the wrong thing. So, forget the fixed mindset and let’s travel to the universe and towards infinity – everything is possible. The level of excitement and how we do things are the factors that make an impact. If you are passionate you most likely don’t wait for permission to act. Everything is possible.

Stress the little details

Perfection actually exists. It’s the little details that make the big picture. We know how to pinpoint all the details that matter; we do our research and then – we work hard on polishing them. Stress the little details,, because without them you will make little difference.

Say no to multitasking and stay productive

Your place, your zone – that’s yours alone. We believe that focusing on one thing at a time makes a huge difference in being productive. We all have our notifications and distractions switched off and have dedicated time blocks when we deal with various things. If you don’t have or own your agenda, you are most likely following someone else’s. We want to create better work, be more productive, and be happier.

Communicate clearly and honestly

Clarity and honesty are not new to you or to our customers. When things are good or when things go south – everybody should be on the same page. Clear and short bursts of information and actions do the trick. We don’t have anything to hide because we always do our very best and a lot more as you already know by now. We listen and communicate, clearly and without the corporate BS. We take actions and always stay on track. We say no and raise a flag if needed and don’t feel awkward about it. Taking a helicopter view to understand the big picture and everyone’s perspective is one of our common practices.

Make your work matter

It’s the work not the clock that matters. We believe in personal happiness, and that means we value a remote work culture. Sitting in the office from 9 to 5 is over for us. Everybody should be able to work from wherever they want and whenever they want. Home, office, garage, beach, coffee shop, airport, wedding – whatever works for you. We agree on the outcomes and rough timelines and trust our team to make it happen. You choose how to get your work done and as long as you’re happy and the clients are happy – everybody is happy. We do what the watch does – we keep going.

Enable people to trust you

Trust is the most valuable commodity in the modern world. If you persistently walk the talk , nothing or no one will want to stop you. Staying true to this belief is mandatory, whatever the situation. If you can’t trust someone to do the trick – why do anything at all? So let your actions speak louder than your words. By trusting each other and by being able to do so opens tons of new doors and unlocks a whole new world. This is the number one thing and is on purpose not the first thing on our list of values.

Do more with less

In order to keep on innovating and to avoid getting stuck, we need to do more with less. This creates more space for improvement and keeps the ideas fresh. It’s the little details, understanding them, and taking a helicopter view that enables us to hack ourselves and the way we make decisions. Good enough is a joke we all love! Raising the bar, on the other hand, is something quite different. Do you want to be more efficient?