We design websites
& apps
for one
reason only

To improve your business. Bit Finer is a results-oriented design agency.


Research first, and only then design

We work closely with forward-thinking managers and marketing specialists. Our goal is to upgrade your business results online with proven tactics.
We conduct team interviews and customer research to find out where you lose money.
Based on our research, we build new optimized layouts with the right messaging structure.
We put a lot of brainpower into research and deliver high-quality designs across devices.
If you don’t have a dedicated IT team or time, we can help in developing the website.
What if version A brings you 25% more revenue than version B? Let’s fine-tune your revenue stream.
We take your project from start to finish and get everybody involved. You set the goals and we’ll take you there.



We are happy to share our international experience with your business. It goes from building simple landing pages to more advanced user interfaces.
Tavex Gold & Exchange
Tavex contacted us some time ago wanting to upgrade their online presence. They exchange currency, transfer money internationally and sell investment gold and silver. They deliver excellence in 8 European countries and have been improving their business since 1991.
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Teenu Wooden Watches
Teenu contacted us for a new website to help sell more wooden watches and simplify the sales process. More automation and more reach were the keywords.
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BringHope is a humanitarian foundation helping more than 2 million refugees. It contacted us in late 2015 with the problem - no website. BringHope needed to tell their story to European countries in order to get sizeable donations.
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Sportland's Campaign Video
Sportland contacted us to get hip and trendy videos for their ad campaign “Winners Choice”. The campaign is about everyday heroes who made their success happen thanks to hard work and consistency.
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Tradehouse contacted us with a wish to upgrade their ecommerce website. Their current website was working quite well, but they also knew about the untapped potential.
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Transtar is a Scandinavian focused transportation company on the road since 1996. They hired us to upgrade their online presence and do some onsite optimisation.
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TavexWise was born from Tavex. Since we had been working for quite a while with the whole Tavex Group, they hired us to help them pursue their new ambitions online.
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The Estonian Chamber
of Agriculture and Commerce
Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce was established in 1996 and they want people to have delicious high-quality food on the table. EPKK hired us to take their website and give it a very simple look.
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Don’t just take our word for it

Amazing things come from collaboration.

Our clients have a good sense of humour and big ambitions. This really makes the project enjoyable and creates high energy.
These guys listened to our ideas and came back with a well-crafted plan for Tradehouse's ecommerce website. We really liked their positive attitude.
Kristjan Lorentson
Lauri has put a great effort in understanding the client’s needs and we always get a fully functional product. He's very cooperative, I recommend.
Jaan Lainurm
If you would like to work with a person that is passionate, creative, has an eye for details and delivers well-made products, then give your next big project to Lauri.
Antun Corak
Tavex Sweden

how we like to work

we work for you by working with you.

Once we get started we become a remote extension of your team. You know your business better than anybody else and, combining that knowledge with ours, amazing things happen.
01. Research
Who are your best customers, what are their main concerns and doubts? What would they like to know? Let’s find out.
02. Plan
By respecting our findings and by learning your business, we create a simple action plan to guide us to our goal.
03. Execute
We gather the findings and put them on wireframes, in designs, words and code, and your new website is soon up.
04. Repeat
Because persistence is the key to success, we repeat the cycle. With more A/B testing, we go on improving.

How will it look for you?

Regular updates and collaboration.

We really like client collaboration and prefer to work with you rather than for you. Direct contact with us allows clear communication & regular project updates.
A remote team you
can use when needed
You get a virtual team to take your
ideas to the next level. We work remotely and
apply ourselves behind the scenes to get
the stuff done. Bit Finer only works
with a few clients at a time.
Friendly and well-structured
We can achieve excellent collaboration with
online tools such as Basecamp, TeamWork, Invisionapp
and Skype. This means you always have a good
overview of the progress. From time to time we also
have offline meetings.

Let’s discuss ideas,
drop us a line.

If you are as curious and passionate as we are, do not hesitate to get in touch.
Send us your thoughts and we’ll get back to you shortly.
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