Estonia, the leading tech country, is our home

Ever heard of e-Government? Did you know that Bill Gates became an Estonian e-resident just recently? Did you know that Estonians invented Skype? Did you know Estonia has more startups per person than Silicon Valley? Did you know that Estonia is the world’s most advanced digital society? Did you know that Estonia is the fastest country to fill out income tax returns, in less than 3 minutes? Did you know it takes 3 h to start a company in Estonia?

Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates have become an Estonia e-resident after having received a digital ID-card as an early birthday present from the Estonian prime minister, Jüri Ratas. Read more

The New York Times on how Estonia thinks outside the box and how it’s a digital powerhouse. Read more

Many widely known unicorn companies were born and founded in Estonia. Amongst them Skype, Taxify, Transferwise and many, many more.

So know you at least get an idea of us. We’d like to get an idea of you as well. If you want results delivered and a team that pushes the boundaries further. We’re are eagerly waiting for your revelation. If you want to learn more about Estonia – visit estonia.ee

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