JURA’s new iPad web app to service coffee machines like never before

Rickman Trade, who has been officially titled to be the best JURA importer in the world (3 times) gave us a hefty challenge. To make the JURA's service and maintenance team workflow times more optimal and efficient. Sounds simple right?

It all started out with Rickman Trade’s hand drawn mock-ups on A4 paper that indicated on how the service process could be digitalised and automised. We were amazed by their clear vision and saw how big the workflow improvement could be. As our DNA is digital we took the challenge without any hesitations and dived into the project.

After weeks of research and interviewing technicians, managers, client support it became pretty clear of why and what is actually needed.

We needed to adapt the Swiss brand's fundamental values meaning JURA’s core principles in the UX and UI process. It has to be extremely easy to operate and look clean yet stunning. With several iterations, user testing sessions and trial and error that is exactly where we ended up.

After having validated the UX/UI we also had the pleasure to work on the development side. Together with BCS Itera we brought the visuals to life. Us on the front-end / API’s side and BCS Itera on the back-end side. It played out really well and today we are happy to say that JURA’s coffee machines are being serviced using the app we designed and built. Of course its not just us, hats off to team Rickman and BCS Itera - as usual, it was a team effort.


  • Rickman Trade / JURA

Services provided

  • User Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end integration
  • Project management
  • Support

Project Team

  • Team Rickman Trade
  • Paul Post - Project Lead
  • Lauri Post- Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Kerttu, Oskar - Designers
  • Tauno, Endrik, Vitaly - Development
  • BCS Itera - Back-end

  • Special thanks to Valdo, Silver, Allar, Erki and Tauno for making the extra effort.

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