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I don’t give a sh*t about you

Uwaga is a content marketing agency which Paul and Lauri from Bit Finer co-founded with Estonian celebrity, TV host, former MP and top writer Mr. Mihkel Raud. Uwaga is a hobby project we decided to do because content marketing is the future and we really wanted to see the market traction.

The idea came from Mihkel Raud and, of course, we were automatically sold by this excellent idea 🙂 So we had many interesting Skype calls and meetings over 6 months and the kickass company Uwaga was born. The idea was to make something bold and different, and that we did.

I only care about myself

The slogan we used was like somebody entering the room by kicking open the door barefoot and yelling fu*k you straight in the face. In English it sound like this: I don’t give a sh*t about your fantastic products and services. I only care about myself. If you want to sell me something, you’d better be useful to me.

Which is so true

Most people only care about themselves and they need to satisfy their needs. Your products and services may help them to achieve that, if you serve them up the right way. Nowadays, marketing is another animal. It’s like going on a first date – you just don’t say it out loud, but need to make an effort and really care a lot. Then the magic happens 🙂

Fresh design

To be able to do something you really want is a true release. Lauri had a free hand and designed the brand from scratch with the help of Mihkel and Paul. The outcome was fresh, bold and engaging. In fact, we did not plan to go public with Uwaga for a while but somebody leaked our website to the media, and there it was.

BestMarketing which is a publication for professional marketing executives discovered Uwaga and wrote a big release article. From there it just took off. Uwaga received a lot of attention, the phone was ringing and the calendar was full of meetings.

We showed the finger to many

Since the brand Uwaga represents what we believe in and is a hobby of ours, we had to show the finger to many companies when we thought somebody else could help them better. No hard feelings! We just cannot waste time on something that does not excite us and neither should you. The world will be a better place.

Think and act like a media company, have it in your core! That's what content marketing is about.

Mihkel Raud

Uwaga has been active and we are lucky to have a few really awesome customers. We really believe in what they do and plan to support their ambitions. Since Uwaga is a hobby company we plan to keep it small for the moment and see where it takes us. No pressure, chill 🙂


➟ UX / UI Designer – Lauri Post
➟ Brand visuals – Lauri Post
➟ Copywriting and idea – Mihkel Raud
➟ Project Management – Paul Post
➟ Development Partner – Z290b2FuZHBsYXk=

Special thanks

BestMarketing – for pushing us into the open




Paul Post

We had this crazy idea to make 360 degree photos from Estonian Parliament members, but once I talked with Mihkel, it lead to a whole different area. Uwaga!

Project manager

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