Tran$app is an Asian exchange and money transfer platform

We had the pleasure to design an exchange and money transfer platform for a Singapore- and Hong Kong-based financial client. The product is targeted solely at business customers.

UX/UI Design

Tran$app is a financial platform that matches your foreign currency needs with other users at competitive rates in an easy and secure way, helping your business save money. Singapore and Hong Kong, here we come! Up to 80% savings they say!

Can you imagine that the regulations in Hong Kong and Singapore can be a little different? No worries, we can customize the onboarding and verification process to make everyone happy. Although the Excel table with several hundreds of rows that explained the differences was a ... ah, let’s stop there.

Sending money the old way is over, Financial startups like Tran$app are changing the scenery every day. And for the good of the end-user. We’re happy!

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