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It's big, XXXXL

Brexit or DAS-exit? Doesn’t matter because the value of money is decreasing over time anyway and so is trust in physical and digital money. This is why the Tavex Group and thousands of investors around the globe are growing and maintaining their wealth with various alternatives, such as commodities and forex. Think long term and history is likely to repeat itself.

This case study is not just about a simple e-commerce website facelift. It’s about the progress and failures we have had over the last 4 years while educating people how to secure their wealth in 7 different countries and spending thousands of hours to achieve milestones.

It has versions 1, 2 and 3

The Tavex Group which is the leading precious metals and forex dealer in Northern Europe has been giving us tons of challenges over the years and so far the collaboration has been very rewarding. The Tavex Group serves more than 1.8 million customers annually and sells over 4 tons of gold each year (1 kg costs over €30,000). Not to mention silver and forex.
We started back in 2014 with the first big makeover and are releasing the new version again in 2017. Our goal back in ‘14 was to build one of the best financial e-commerce websites in the world, starting with Sweden, and from there country by country.

It had issues

The original website (let’s call it V1) had many problems in UX and the UI design was super outdated. So our goal was to lift the numbers while boosting the UX and visuals as well. It is no surprise that the two are connected.

But since we are no ordinary design agency we did not stop with the easier stuff. Together with our development partner we took care of all the programming, integrating the back-end inventory / CRM and price management systems, too. Just for you to know it was far from easy 🙂

It started out great

So we started to craft the V2 website by following our simple workflow > Research > Prototype > Design > Development > Repeat. It took a lot of time and effort and we managed to release the websites in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Estonia.

Midnight calls from Sweden that ended with bets on silver coins, a fun night out in Warsaw or leading the website LIVE release while walking on the streets of Oslo are good examples of how the project went live step by step. We took the project everywhere we went, be it in the middle of the night in a Manhattan apartment, New York or giving fast feedback while sunbathing in Crete.

It worked out even better

If you insist, here are a few metrics that we can show. We cannot take all the credit because the Tavex team and world market prices have also influenced the results more than positively. Scroll down a little and enjoy the view.

Numbers after V2 (based on 1 website tavex.se 2015 vs. 2014)

➟ 2015 the sales of gold increased 40+% vs 2014 (540 kg vs. 380 kg)
➟ 2015 the sales of silver increased 180+% vs 2014 (700 kg vs. 245 kg)
➟ 2015 Tavex had 20,000+ new unique visitors

Numbers before v2: 2013 and 2014

➟ 2014 sales of gold went down -30%
➟ 2014 sales of silver went down -41%

Numbers in the first half of 2016

➟ 2016 the sales of gold have the shape of a hockey stick +82%
➟ 2016 the sales of silver skyrocket +660%

So what did we learn?

Never say no to hard work, and we truly believe in “design less, think more”. It is also wise to test out ideas and keep an open mind, because you will most likely fail with some ideas and win big on others. No point in wasting time on arguments or on “who is right”. The users are 😉

And most important

Open and direct communication combined with a decent amount of humour is a must in any long term project, sorry, process.

Yep, it did not stop there.

Now that you know the intro from V1 to V2, you should know that what you are reading here is about the V3.

Yes, that is right, we started all over again because we are much smarter now and the collaboration is beneficial to all parties, as it should be.

It started all over 🙂

So we are presenting the New Tavex Facelift in 2017. It’s bigger, it is more powerful, it is more detailed and we have 7 countries and 7 different companies now and need to launch the website in a short period of time. Considering all the demographic and geopolitical differences, it will be a nice challenge.

It has more than 500+ screens

Tavex’s new facelift prototype had roughly 500+ screens and it is far from what you see on an average e-commerce website. We built many automated marketing systems such as Virtual Portfolio, Price Bot, Market Watch, Custom Charts, Tavex ID on top of a fully polished e-commerce website. It is also supercharged with detailed metrics that will help us to improve it further.

Everybody is super excited to see the results and we are just thrilled about the whole process and how much the Tavex Group trusts us with maintaining and upgrading the website. So, our first mission was to launch the new V3 website in Latvia because they still run on V1 and they deserve it the most 🙂 Latvia will be followed by Tavex Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Poland, and let’s hope there’s more.

Final thoughts

We had the privilege to create the Tavex Group website V2 and now years later we are repeating the process with V3. The amount of man-hours spent on this project is many many thousands, and with no regrets. We have learned so much and have so much to test in the future. Since we have not lost the passion and excitement, we must be doing the right thing.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you have really read the entire piece, you must be into details like us. Full marks for that!

If you would like to work with a person that is passionate, creative, has an eye for detail and delivers well-made products, then give your next big project to Lauri from Bit Finer.

- Anton O, Tavex Sweden

P.S. If for some reason you can read Estonian, be sure to read the Best Marketing case study about the V2. A well known publication for marketing professionals. And why not the article on the Estonian Design Centre’s website?


➟ Team Tavex – for helping us in every way
➟ Lead UX/UI Designer – Lauri Post
➟ Junior UX/UI Designer – Mathias Vain
➟ Product Management – Lauri Post, Paul Post
➟ Proofreading and editing – M. Davies
➟ Development Partner – Z290b2FuZHBsYXk=




Lauri Post

I have had the privilege to steer this enormous flagship project from day one and work with so many awesome people. Thank you all!

UX/UI Designer, Project Lead

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