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The Tavex Group which is the leading precious metals and forex dealer in Northern Europe also has offices in Bulgaria with nearly 100 employees. Since we already manage the Tavex Group’s 7 other country e-commerce websites, we were given an interesting assignment for number 8.

The challenge was to work closely with Bulgarian UX/UI designers and take care of the project management, handling all the integration and doing both front-end and back-end development with our partner.

This is a unique project where we did not have much to do with UX/UI Design but collaborated with multiple Bulgarian agencies such as Kickflip and 13am who took care of all the visuals. It was a pretty interesting experience and we really enjoyed the collaboration 🙂

Language almighty

None of us speaks Bulgarian or Russian so it was quite a challenge to map all the copywriting in the code and deal with string translations. But if you have a system in place, the language does not make a difference. It can even be Chinese. Check.

Logics almighty

Did you know that Bulgarians are excellent in figuring out complex systems? The logics behind the website are not visible to the eye but, oh boy, they are there. Systems that avoid fraud keep an eye on transactional data, complex delivery calculations, filtering royal, geotargeting, pips … you name it. Together with our development partner, we experienced many things we could not have imagined before. Thanks to team BG for that!

The first one

Once again we could participate in something for the first time ever. Tavex Bulgaria is the first company that started to sell currency online. Instead of visiting exchange dealers physically, you can now order travel currency online and in a secure way. It is really convenient and the exchange rates are also among the best in the market. So people save time and money – it’s purely win-win. We had the pleasure of building the systems and can share a little of the spotlight now 🙂

I never imagined how complex is the development of an intuitive and aesthetically beautiful website, but I sure am glad I had Bit Finer's team on my side, to smooth out this bumpy process

Max Baklayan, CEO of Tavex Bulgaria

It was and still is so interesting to have experience with the Bulgarian market and all the awesome people we are working with on this project. One thing for sure is that Scandinavia, the Baltics, Bulgaria are so different when it comes to online sales. While it ultimately makes sense to all, the real experience and numbers behind that understanding are eye-opening.


➟ UX / UI Design – Kickflip, 13am
➟ Project Management – Post Brothers
➟ Development partner – Z290b2FuZHBsYXk=

Special thanks

➟ Max, Martin and Hristo from Tavex Bulgaria
➟ Team Tavex Bulgaria




Lauri Post

Tavex Bulgaria did not make our life easy with all the details involved. But I’m grateful to have had this experience. Thank you sincerely!

Project Manager

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