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Making energy the new way

Bioenergy and sustainable energy are the keywords for a brighter future. SW Energy produces energy for many cities and counties though the innovative boiler houses and software that they themselves have developed. By the way, they mostly use chopped wood to produce energy. Basically, they make something powerful out of leftovers and junk.

We had the privilege to bring out the message the SW Group wanted to convey. Our task was to make it clear for leading authorities and key decision makers why they should ditch their current energy systems for cities, counties or even schools. They just waste money which could otherwise be used to build new schools and improve the local infrastructure.


The wow effect

What was most interesting about this project was the pricing model used. SW Energy uses a subscription model. This means the cities have to pay only for the heat that is actually used. SW Energy will build a power plant and distribution network for free and maintain it basically forever. So convenient, so efficient. It was amazing to understand the technology behind it.

Personal tour

We were also lucky to have a personal tour of the power plant led by SW Energy’s board member Tarmo Saarts. Having a look inside the plant and at the technology before proceeding with the project was crucial. Thanks!

Automation magic

While SW Energy will soon go fully automatic and have long-distance usage readers, we had to make a temporary solution for the transition process. So people can forward their electric readings online and everybody can do as little manual labour as possible.


It sounds simple, and simple it is. We designed a seamless flow for people to send their readings online and integrated this with the SW Energy back-end system. It works like magic!

Bioenergy goes in hand with electric cars. Makes sense!

Paul Post - Project Coordinator

Designing SW Energy’s website was really eye-opening. Every project we do tells us so much about the world and things we know little about. We need to say it one more time, we love our jobs.


Thanks team SW Energy for trusting us for the website and teaching us what the future or energy can be like.

➟ Team SW Energy, especially the management board
➟ UX / UI Designer – Lauri Post
➟ Junior UX / UI Designer – Patricia
➟ Copywriting – Lauri, Liivi
➟ Project Management – Paul Post
➟ Development Partner – Z290b2FuZHBsYXk=




Lauri Post

The moment of realisation was big. SW Energy’s power plants and software are like Apple. Truly innovative and it all works seamlessly. It’s just WOW!

UX/UI Designer

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