SoftReflector makes reflectors, and the best ones in the world

Commitment and quality have made SoftReflector one of the best in the world. Businesses likes Universal, MTV, and even Washington DC inundate them with orders.

User Research. UX/UI Design.

We received the challenge to re-design their B2B interface that their resellers and clients are using. It was a gigantic project with many corner cases and independencies. Thinking back, what an experience! Who could have imagined that a simple product like a reflector can have so many aspects to customize.

We are grateful for the opportunity as it has made us a lot smarter. Helina and Toomas are doing a great job with their business and we wish many more companies will latch on and swamp their team and factory with XXXL orders around the clock.


  • SoftReflector

Services provided

  • User Research
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Project Team

  • Paul Post, Project Manager
  • Lauri Post, Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Mathias Vain, Designer
  • Team SoftReflector

Live project