Wooden watches
with a unique story
to tell

The story behind Teenu's website

We designed a landing page to give sales a lift

Imagine you are in the middle of nature. You see beautiful trees, hear an astonishing waterfall so close to you, maybe you even see Bambi. You see the scenery, it’s amazing. But you cannot get the same feeling in the city. It is the same with Teenu’s watches. Industrial watches cannot offer the same level of uniqueness and personalization as Teenu’s hand-built beauties. Unusual, original.

Teenu contacted us for a new website to help sell more wooden watches and simplify the sales process. More automation and more reach were the keywords. That said, we started with the research and completed the action plan according to the goals. When everybody knew what needed to be done, we moved on with the design and copywriting. Since the watches are so amazingly beautiful the design/copywriting process was really enjoyable and everybody felt thrilled.

So what is it that makes the watches so unique? Every wood casing has a different history and story. Hundred-year-old wood from the bottom of the sea. The darkest corner of your grandma's shed. Your neighbour’s back yard. Central Park, New York. You get the idea? The wood they use is different and real.

This is also something different from what we do every day - breathing ecommerce and seeing the analytics revenue numbers in millions. This time, we live in the craftsman’s world, where products are hand-built with passion and joy. A priceless experience.

Teenu wooden watches have also been featured on Estonian Television, in Femme, Catwalk, Delfi and in the market leading newspaper, Postimees. May the force be with Teenu.

Quick overview of what we did:
research, analysis, wireframes, responsive design, copywriting, development, animations and much, much more.

Everything was made possible thanks to:
Kersti Teenu the Founder, Lauri Post (design, copy), Argo Ingver (project management, photography), gotoAndPlay (development) and other craftsmen

The beginning of something exciting

We designed the website's to gain more "force"

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