Tavex is the leading
precious metals & forex dealer
in Northern Europe.

The story behind Tavex website

An ongoing journey packed with fun, challenges and collaboration

Tavex contacted us some time ago wanting to upgrade their online presence. They exchange currency, transfer money internationally and sell investment gold and silver. They deliver excellence in 8 European countries and have been improving their business since 1991.

Their goal was simple - to build the best bullion and forex dealer ecommerce website in the world. It was a question of improving the looks as well as the books. We accepted the challenge and some years later we are still going strong together. Since Tavex is located in 8 European countries, there are a lot of differences among their customers and various kinds of business logic. Luckily, we love to work with a heavy load of detail and dived straight in with a simple action plan.

After conducting research and studying the analytics, we wireframed the results into an ecommerce website prototype which gave shape to what was coming. Then it was time to dress the wireframes a new outfit – an exclusive and high-quality design. Once accomplished, the designs were beautifully coded and brought to life. As simple as that!

The whole project has involved many people from different countries and a lot of emotions. Mostly good, of course, whether an enjoyable meeting in Tallinn, a midnight Skype call from Sweden that ends in a bet for a silver coin, or a fun night out with the client in Warsaw. Lots of good stories to tell, and many more to come.

In February 2015 we launched the first website version in Sweden and since then we have been continuously releasing further countries and updates, including Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria.

First impressions?
The numbers are looking pretty good and we are testing the website to improve it even more. The game is on!

Quick overview of what we did:
research, analysis, wireframes, responsive design, copywriting instructions, development, live charts, inventory integration, and much, much more.

Everything was made possible thanks to:
Tavex’s team and management, Lauri P, Kaarel K, Annes O, 2ood (design), gotoAndPlay development team and other fine craftsmen.

The beginning of something exciting

We designed 30+ screens for 3 devices

Attention to detail and determination will soon get us there

Tired of reading?

Some enjoyable photos

Take a look at some photos related to the project
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