UX Tartu 2019: 5 Tips to Help You with UX!

2019 April 21 - 2 min read - Bit Finer

sTARTUp Talks held the UX Tartu 2019 event on the 18th of April, in which Bit Finer also took part, as we are a business heavily centered on not just good, but great UX. Our UX designer Kerttu will be sharing her perspective of the event and all the ideas she brought with her from it!


The event itself

As mentioned before, sTARTUp Talks was the one hosting the event, and they did it with the help of Pipedrive. sTARTUp Talks is one of the branches of sTARTUp Day, which you might have heard of before, since it is the biggest business festival in the Baltics with over 4000 participants in the year 2019.

As you might have already guessed (you might want to see a doctor if you didn’t already) the event was all about User Experience. The topic this year was “Is design going to save the world?” and the answer, by all means, is a big fat yes.

“The location in which it took place looked like something straight out of Moulin Rouge — there were red LED lights everywhere and a dark hall jam-packed with people,” said Kerttu after the event.

The main points Bit Finer, as well as You, should be taking away


#1: “Design can save only the ones who want to be saved” — Janno Siimar, Velvet

The idea is simple, isn’t it? Have you ever had the feeling that every problem can and should be fixed by a pattern, because it has also happened before? Well, here’s a wake-up call: f#ck patterns! You can only save someone with good design by offering them the personalization that they need.

#2: Never stop asking, “but why?”

Why do you think so? Why do you think this is better? Why do you think this is worse? Never stop asking those questions, because that would mean you are doing self experience design, not user experience design. Communicate with everyone around you, ask them about their preferences and always try to find out what they think and why they think that.

#3: Fix it while you can!

Sometimes it’s the only choice. Do not start creating new and better things before the old problems are fixed. The old stuff will eventually be surfaced and your business will be blown sky-high. The idea is to make the old problems into those “new and better” things.

#4: At times, think about the fact that it’s not You, it’s just work.

That is simply the dark side of design. You will stumble upon clients that will make what you’re doing feel unethical and simply annoying. That’s what UX designers do though, it is only your job to do what the client asks. The fact that you might be planning the client’s spam e-mail campaign doesn’t mean you’re a bad person deep down.

#5: If you’re new in UX, learn-learn-learn.

A great place to start with is darkpatterns.org. Businesses use all sorts of techniques to get you into doing what they want you to do. As an UX designer, you might want to check these out constantly. Even the speaker said that after doing 25 years of this job, he still has to check that page from time to time.

And there you have it!


That’s about it from the UX Tartu side this year! A big thank you to Pipedrive for helping along to host this event and a big thanks to all the speakers (Janno Siimar, Allan triik, Ine Marie Vassøy, Jaanus Kase, Haig Armen and Helen Kokk) as well!

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