Tallinn — here we come!

2019 June 20 - 4 min read - Bit Finer

We are excited because something we have thought about for quite a while is now happening. Bit Finer is moving to Tallinn from July 2019 and making many other positive improvements to its business. We strive for faster growth and better customer experience. To see how Tallinn plays a role in this, read on.

The beginning

Tartu has been our home from the very beginning, back in 2014 when the team consisted of 1 crazy person who quit his marketing career and started designing ugly websites and managing Google Adwords campaigns 🙂 It’s a cool story we will share very soon. It’s also more than fine that the designs are not so ugly anymore; we have even won prestigious awards and have many happy customers and success stories in many countries. And a slightly larger team with slightly bigger capabilities 😉

Back to the point.

It’s no surprise we love Tartu. So, we are glad that Tartu will have a very important role in the future too because some of our local team there will continue to work with us and you. And yes, there will be additional members joining 🙂

This also means we are enabling and trusting everyone to work from wherever they want (office, home, garage, coffee shop, beach, or from Alaska — it’s the work and outcome that matter, not the chair time). If someone wants to work from the office, we have a really cool workspace in Tallinn. If you want to work from Alaska, just hop on a plane.

We see a remote and flexible work culture as the present, not the future. It seems this is what the creative industry wants — it makes total sense because digital work has no borders. And we like it too. We’ll shed more light on a remote and flexible culture in our next articles. Increased productivity, more happiness, even better results delivered, and a lot more. You can’t complain, right?

Many adventures

We’ve had many adventures in Tartu and in several office spaces. From the first office in Tartu Science Park to our lovely and historical office in cozy Veski Street. Really cool memories!

The current office on the main street of Tartu’s Old Town is the hardest to leave, as we have fully renovated the former bank building’s 3rd floor. It’s a little sad to be honest — we have received so many compliments. There’s even a little mini golf course and an actual fountain. Luckily they’re moving to Tallinn now.

Why Tallinn?

Other than it’s the capital of Estonia and a world-famous hub of IT madness — hmm. Well, Bit Finer works mainly with customers from abroad; we are getting close to having projects in 20 countries (the latest addition is Switzerland). We always meet whoever visits us in Tallinn, as flying in from Berlin to Tallinn takes the same time as driving from Tallinn to Tartu. As user experience designers, we have done our user tests :

Our adorable Estonian customers, well they’re from Tallinn, too. Still, Bit Finer has 1 or 2 customers in Tartu, but we’re not ashamed to say that we focus on the outside. Estonians have a lot to offer the world and we want to make our contribution. Obviously, we are more than happy to serve our Estonian customers. In fact, we adore you!

So the endless miles ridden on trains and buses will end soon. Having a commuter VIP level is nice and comes with perks, but spending more quality time outside the “road office” seems to have some benefits too. Let’s admit that it will be better to avoid having to calculate the miles and kilometres travelled.


As picky designers and fans of architecture, it was a tremendous task. We’re anything but normal and looked for a place that is:

  • Elegant and maybe even an architectural masterpiece
  • Historical and packed with exciting stories
  • Without the standard office modular ceilings
  • Conducive to productivity — meaning quiet but in the middle of the action
  • Close to the Tallinn Old Town, harbour and the airport

We were lucky to find a perfect spot in a place that meets all the criteria. Therefore, we are glad to announce that our new office in Tallinn will be located in the famous Saarinen House built in 1912 (Pärnu mnt 10). The building represents late Nordic Jugendstil and is one of the most beautiful buildings in the centre of Tallinn. It was designed by the internationally known Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen in the early 1900s.

As you see, the location is just perfect for a design-focused digital powerhouse — and we have some new interesting neighbours, such as the Estonian Ministry of Culture in the same building 🙂

It’s a perfect place for our team to create masterpieces and some digital madness for ambitious businesses across the globe. It’s a great place to visit for a coffee and to craft plans to conquer the world! It’s just the place to look through a webcam and discuss the same plans.

To summarize

Tartu will have an important role in the future and Bit Finer is moving its core base to Tallinn. Besides, now it is everyone’s free choice whether to work from the office in Tallinn or from their preferred location wherever that is. Bit Finer supports flexibility and remote culture. We have done our research. Goal setting and timeboxing can do miracles.

We are thankful for the times and people in Tartu, and are super excited about the times ahead in Tallinn.

Tallinn — here we come!

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