Paul’s reflection on 2020, the past 5 years and a sabbatical

2020 November 13 - 4 min read - Published by Paul Post

2020 has been one of the most intense years in a long time. Adapting to the new situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tackling many big new projects (from which you will hear about very soon!), onboarding new team members, moving to a new office, and so on. Oh yes, and the ride at the roller coaster and the idea of the world is changing every day.

That is quite some experience, packed together inside 1 year! And we have 1,5 months left.

Bit Finer is stronger and more diverse than ever, and most importantly – smarter. I’m thrilled we went remote before the COVID even started because that made the year a lot more enjoyable. And during the first COVID madness, we even took time to create Helumium, a free conversion kit for growth-minded eCommerce businesses. That was a true team effort!

So what next?

As a board member and shareholder at Bit Finer, I, Paul, have decided to take some time off and rest a bit. A sabbatical year, or more? I have had a crazy good ride at Bit Finer over the last 5 years. And now, I feel it is time to explore life and myself a bit more, focus on health and well-being, and just try new stuff!

My brother Lauri and our new project lead Vyte to support my decision and will take over my responsibilities – and take care of all of you I have had the pleasure of working with. And me, I’m going to enjoy the fruits that I’ve grown at Bit Finer and explore life a bit. And from time to time, grab a beer and catch up with the latest on Bit Finer.

But that’s not all, what about the last 5 years?

It has been a magnificent journey in the past 5 years. Starting in a small office in Tartu Science Park with just me and Lauri doing a variety of smaller projects and services (including 360-degree product images 😮) to having 15+ team members and a beautiful office in Tallinn, building one of the biggest e-com shops in Estonia and Europe for well-known brands as well as top-notch apps and software – in 20 countries.

Looking back, it seems almost unreal what our team has accomplished over the years. I know that I would not trade it over anything else. I feel like this has been a road to personal growth, I was 23 when I joined Bit Finer’s journey.

Growing from a rookie marketing specialist to thick-skinned project lead (the one everyone should have in this position), but more importantly growing together with a wonderful team and company. Failing and succeeding over and over again. Learning every day.

The journey has taken me worldwide like Iraq, the UK, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Latvia, and the list goes on. Meeting the most extraordinary people and companies there are out there. What an adventure it has been, I just realized it after saying it out loud!

I believe, at some point in life, most of us reach a point of crossroads, facing a decision on what journey should I take next, who is more important, me as a person or the business? After five incredible years, I have decided to take some time off and explore new adventures – perhaps a correct way to say it is, take some well-earned time off to kick back and rest for a bit. I sure hope there will be some snow this year to take on skiing finally.

What’s next?

As for Bit Finer, the journey continues at full speed. We have new team members joining, and one of them is our new project manager Vyte, who I trust our clients, and there is always Lauri, who is on the lookout and helps pretty much everyone in the team. We have some very cool stuff launching soon and even cooler stuff on the table as we speak – so make sure you stay tuned! Because I plan to.

Finally, my special thanks go to Lauri, my brother, the founder, and one who invited me to this journey. Not many people can thrive and persist in building something like this, especially with your family member. Some timeless memories were created over the years, which we can always share over a cold craft beer bottle.

It better be an IPA.

And I want to thank all the people I have had the pleasure to work with and who have grown with me or who have helped me grow. Hats off!

So life, here I come.

Onwards and upwards! 🚀

Published by Paul Post

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