Oh wow, it’s already 2020 and where are the news?

2020 March 10 - 2 min read - Published by Bit Finer

We’ve been working too hard it seems and have not shared any news in the last months (is it good or not so good?). Well it certainly has been good for us and here’s a quick update on what Bit Finer is up to these days 🙂

1) New projects on the table

As the end of 2019 was super intense and we pushed to ourselves to deliver more than expected until the very last minute of 2019, 2020 started exactly the same. We have been fortunate to start and complete several pleasing projects recently from Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, USA, UK and even South-Africa.

Now we really need to devote some time and update the out portfolio too. Yes!

2) New team members 

To keep up with the demand we are fortunate to have several new team members onboard who are delivering excellence in UX/UI full-time. And we are onboarding several new like-minded professionals as we speak 🙂

3) Switzerland and London

Oh yes, Bit Finer visited dear friends and clients in Switzerland a month ago. And got the chance to hit the streets in London too.  In addition to a pleasing atmosphere we met some really nice people and made new friends.

4) First open source ecommerce conversion kit

Indeed it is something we are working on, as it is time to share our deep knowledge in ecommerce, we decided to create something that has not been created before. And make it accessible to every person on the planet, who simply is into ecommerce and growth. Why not? So stay tuned.

5) UXD

Our digital magazine UXD is doing pretty good. New content, new members onboard, plans to produce even more – we are exited. And the conversion KIT we are creating is of course connected with UXD as well.

6) Neuomorphism U- 2020’s hottest UI trend

Well we love it. Suggest you to check it out. For example from here.

Anything else?

Absolutely – let’s leave something for the next time too 🙂


Published by Bit Finer

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