Nissan invited Bit Finer to introduce e-commerce trends in the automotive industry — how did it all went?

2019 June 7 - 1 min read - Bit Finer

Bit Finer had the pleasure to introduce the global and Baltic e-commerce trends to Nissan’s executives and re-sellers who all flew in to Tartu for an intense 1 day seminar. The event took place in the Estonian National Museum (ERM) which in one of the most unique buildings you have ever seen.

It is not a surprise that e-commerce is growing rapidly — but what about the car industry?

Does it follow the trends? Does is long exceed the expectations? How is Tesla doing in e-commerce, who are the major e-commerce players in the automotive world? Why?

Bit Finer covered all of those topics and even more. Let’s just say — exciting times ahead and not to mention the present we live in. E-commerce and mobile trends are no longer trends or numbers — they are here and they are moving fast.



All in all it was a fantastic event and we had a really good time with all the fantastic people from Nissan. Thank you for inviting us and until next time 🙂

Special thanks to Margus and Henri from Nissan! Many thanks to Egert Kamenik for these great photos. Also, we’d like to thank our partner and good friend Tõnu Väät & The Estonian E-Commerce Association for sending us to the mission.


For all who are interested in the specifics, just drop a line to hola@bitfiner.com and we’ll send the presentation with some of the statistics.

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