How to understand your customers and have a rock-solid game plan for growing your ecom business?

2020 April 29 - 4 min read - Published by Paul Post

Who would have imagined a few months ago the situation we are in today? No one. The ones who adapt and improve will survive and even thrive.

Be proactive and embrace the change


Even when everything seems uncertain, being proactive and willing to adapt are the safest bets to catch the many opportunities the future holds and put your business on the right tracks.

While it could sound counterintuitive some pieces of evidence shows us that people now buy online more than before and consume differently. More likely than not, your customers’ behaviours have also changed.

And this isn’t something anyone should ignore. Especially if you run an online business it is absolutely crucial to have a plan for the future where you could focus on activities that will keep on producing positive results – even when everything is back to normal – and that take into account that change in behaviour.

Also, it’s very true that not all industries have been affected the same way: some have seen a sharp decline in traffic and sales while some others have been luckier and generate more sales. But regardless of where your business currently sits everyone can benefit from better understanding their customers as well as improving their website.

By doing so, online businesses can save money they would have spent on advertising and instead use that money to provide a better user experience and an updated marketing messaging that will more effectively turn visitors into customers. Because after all, what’s the point of sending traffic to a website if the website and messaging fail to convert in the first place?

If you are in a situation where you run an ecommerce business and want to improve or fix your website to delight your customers and increase your revenue then keep reading: we will briefly go over the steps taken with our ecommerce clients.

Here’s how it can be done


The approach we suggest to use at Bit Finer and which we have proven to work for ecommerce businesses, regardless of their size or industry, is to make an UX/CRO Audit by collecting data and understanding customer behaviours, and then based on our findings prepare an action plan prioritized by the impact it will have on profits. This way, businesses have a clear understanding of what they should do to grow their revenue. Long-lasting positive results can only be achieved with the right conversion optimization strategy and the right processes.

First and foremost, before performing any in-depth analysis, talk with the main stakeholders, understand how they see the business and what they expect out of a conversion optimization audit. Then deep dive into the analytics tools to make sure that the right data is being collected and tracked. Accurate data is the foundation of any optimization work as it will inform all the decisions, so getting this right is vital.

Then, the research phase really starts. Understand customer behaviour by asking them what their expectations are with the brand, what problems they are trying to solve or why they purchase from this brand and not from competitors. There are a number of ways to collect this information, for example by asking customers through questionnaires or polls, and by analyzing their on-site behaviours (how they behave on the website) with mouse tracking analysis and session recordings. But it doesn’t stop there as many additional insights can be gleaned from talking with the sales and support teams which help identify the most frequently asked questions and how they can be addressed.

Next, the heuristic analysis. It consists of a group of expert user experience designers that methodically analyze the website page-by-page to 1) identify all the opportunities to provide a better user experience and increase revenue, and 2) see how it is doing compared to competitors in your industry. Since customers browsing on their smartphones now represent a huge portion of a website traffic, the mobile version of your website will also be given the attention it deserves, and a list of mobile-specific improvements is created.

By the end of this phase of thorough customer research and insights collection, using several methods, you have a much clearer idea of who your customers are and what has to be done so your business becomes more “customer-centric” which will inevitably unlock additional revenue.

Once the research phase is over, then create a prioritized action plan where every insight is ranked based on the impact it will have for your business. This way you can focus where the biggest opportunities are first – the ones with the highest return on investment – and progressively go down the list of improvements.

In some cases not every recommendation has to be implemented right away but instead needs to be tested. Indeed, while all the recommendations are based on what came out in the research phase, talking with customers and analyzing their behaviour, there are different ways to solve the same problem. Indicate in the prioritized action report which implementations need to be tested (if any) and how they need to be tested. We consider execution is key if you really want to get the most out of the action report.

Finally, doing some user testing towards the end of a project can prove very useful as a few selected people will experience your new website before anything goes live. It helps to make final adjustments to the website and can save businesses a lot of money since these adjustments are made before anything is hard-coded.

The whole process, from interviewing the main stakeholders to presenting the action report, usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks and really moves the needle. You get a clear understanding of your customers and a prioritized 50+ pages action report that tells you exactly what to do on your website to offer a better experience and lift your revenue (these two go hand-in-hand).

  • If you are wondering about the inner workings of our conversion optimization methodology and think that it might be a good fit for your business then we can only recommend you to have a look here 👉 bitfiner.com/audit
  • Better yet, if you want to pick our brains for 30 minutes for free and have us figure out a personalized strategy for your business then you make it happen here 👉 bitfiner.typeform.com/to/wR3f1k


  • If you are curious of how a audit would look like in real life, feel free to browse some our projects. We have audited many ambitious companies, including DenimDream, Prike, Äripäev, MyLook, Bullion Mart 👉 bitfiner.com/category/audit
  • Still not convinced? See what our clients say 👉 bitfiner.com/clients

Stay safe!

Published by Paul Post

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