Bit Finer launches a digital magazine called UX Desserts (UXD) – eat all you want, grow all you want

2019 July 11 - 2 min read - Published by Bit Finer

We are glad to announce that we dipped our toes into something magical and started to cook digital madness on weekly basis. The digital magazine is called UX Desserts (UXD) and it was opened in late June 2019.

UXD was born from passion and a feeling of being restricted by budgets, opinions and technology. UXD is about creativity and making the impossible possible. The digital experiences that surround us are in many cases just plain ordinary. Why is that? Because of limits and limiters – mostly. What if we could do everything? Well, we can.

We solve problems and sometimes create them 🙂 We think about the future and dream – endlessly. Relentlessly. Persistently. We think of the outcome as desserts, small delicious bites that make the eyes sparkle and bring out the creativity. We are not aiming at 100% accuracy, but focus more on the idea itself.

In the mind of a true UXER, everything is possible and everything has to be better. That’s why we ask ourselves every day – how can we make it work even better? What if? No matter how good something is, it can be done better. It can look better. It can feel better. That’s what UXD is about.

We hope UX desserts will give you new ideas on how to raise the bar in your product or business. So, think about the issues you are facing and feel free to let us know – we might just make a UXD out of it.

So, eat all you want, guys and gals! Visit uxdesserts.com 

There’s a lot more to discover! Eat all you want, grow all you want!

Visit uxdesserts.com 


Published by Bit Finer

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