Bit Finer is nominated on German Design Award 2019 with 2 UX/UI projects

2018 November 20 - 2 min read - Bit Finer

Unreal! Here it is, nr. 5! Bit Finer is glad to announce to be nominated on German Design Awards 2019 which is one of the biggest recognitions in the world of digital design. This is the fifth sky-high recognition for our UX/UI design project KAFO which has already won 3 awards 🙂

And a similar story with the project of Tavex which has won 2 awards and now is nominated to receive the third one. Let’s hope for the best.

So in total 2 projects have brought us 8 high recognitions in the world of digital design. 8 is a magical number indeed!

See how 46 design specialists from 11 countries spent 2 days in Frankfurt to evaluate unique designs from the video below.

Thank you is not enough!

But still we want to thank KAFO & Tavex Group for being the best possible partners. The word client would be too modest. And of course the team from Bit Finer, Mihkel Raud from Uwaga, development partners and especially the designers who made it happen: Lauri and Mathias.

Current high recognitions and awards

  • Golden Egg 2018, gold and silver egg (Tavex gold, KAFO silver)
  • European Design Awards 2018, Finalist (KAFO)
  • Baltic Ecommerce Summit 2018, both winners in its category (KAFO, Tavex)
  • German Design Awards 2019, Nominee (KAFO, Tavex) — winners will be announced in late November
  • Awwwards 2018, Nominee (KAFO)

Golden Egg 2018

Want to learn more about KAFO or Tavex design projects? We have written quite modest stories about them.

In case you wonder who or what on earth is Bit Finer here’s something we made recently.


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