Bit Finer is looking for talented UX/UI designers to help us raise the bar even higher and higher

2018 December 1 - 2 min read - Bit Finer

Dear talented UX/UI or UI designer, we need your help on creating more designs that make people drool — meaning you will be sent on a mission to deliver the WOW effect with no exceptions. Sounds thrilling?

You can visualize digital products like websites, apps and user interfaces for clients in Estonia and mostly abroad. Big and small, super smart and even smarter. We use Figma and work as a team on all designs.

You can work with an award winning (earning) team that has high standards and with your help we want to make them even higher.

Bit Finer makes customers smile in 15+ countries and is laser focused on UX/UI. We also help our ambitious customers with CRO and development services to keep them smiling on daily basis.

We expect you to be hungry, learn, adapt, disrupt and be collaborative. So if you are able to do that and really enjoy what you do (which is making people smile with your designs). We should have a chat — and you should know — we all have a cat.

No CV, please, just skills, please. Be prepared for a small demo assignment.

So if at least 2 of the following icons make you excited and you know a thing or two-hundred about design — just let us know what the icons were and why. Let’s talk.

Do not know much about the 2 icons? This link is for you.

Is the job for me?

Who knows. But if 2/3 of these sentences describe you, probably yes.

✓ You know what UX/UI are or you are just extremely skilled in those
✓ You want to make people happy and create beautiful digital awesomeness
✓ You can not sign off work that is not “fully” perfected
✓ You know how to collaborate with customers and other professionals
✓ You want structure and dislike unorganized things (kind of like
✓ You need to improve your skills every day, otherwise you feel down
✓ You have a good sense of humour and know how to use it

Learn & grow

You can grow at many levels and continually take several courses (on us, of course) that will improve your professional skills and career.

If this is something for you, get in touch via lauri@bitfiner.com

Preferred location — Tartu. If you are really skilled, we are really flexible with the location.


More information https://bitfiner.com/careers/

Bit Finer

Bit Finer is a digital powerhouse that supercharges businesses. It does so with 
the help of UX/UI Design, CRO, development and passion. You get excellence in SaaS, Web, Ecommerce, Apps.

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