Behind the Scenes: Estonian E-Commerce Association’s New Website & Partnership with Bit Finer

2019 April 30 - 2 min read - Bit Finer

After hosting several events together and becoming an official partner of the association, the next step for Bit Finer was obvious. The association turned to us and asked us to design a new website. We love e-commerce, design, and, of course, we love Estonia — why not make it happen?

That’s what we did.

The Estonian E-commerce Association and Bit Finer have a common cause. We both work towards making the Estonian e-commerce scene the best thing before sliced bread.

To make sure that happens, we have done a few seminars together with the association. We have talked on a few different topics, such as:

  • how to make e-store checkouts generate more revenue;
  • biometric data and the future of e-commerce;
  • e-mail automation and design;
  • et cetera.


We have received excellent feedback on these topics and will definitely continue working on making the e-commerce world in Estonia as excellent as possible. That’s also one of the reasons why we have partnered up with the association and became official members.

The A-team: Lauri, Kerttu, Oskar and Paul.

Bit Finer has received over seven awards and there are definitely more coming up. These awards already show that we are more than capable of making a beautiful website, which also generates new business for our customers as well.

As we were working on the website, we knew it was going to be a cherry-on-the-cake 🍒 type of deal and we made it. Here it is.

The new website.

The association got a new look and feel, we have a new partnership and we will be having new thrilling challenges to solve.

If you’d like to check out the website for yourself, click on this link.

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