52 illustrations a year – 1 illustration a week. Why not.

2019 August 30 - 2 min read - Published by Bit Finer

52 illustrations a year – 1 illustration a week. Why not. Thanks for Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation for keeping us busy and drawing each week 🙂

We have collaborated with Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation over four years, starting from zero to globally respected humanitarian foundation. Branding, 2 website re-designs, a documentary, trips to the UK and Iraq – we are humbled to be a part of their journey to help millions of refugees every year globally.

One of our recent undertakings was to draw a weekly illustration based on real life pictures taken on the ground in the centre of humanitarian crisis. We receive updates on the ground every week with many pictures, so we thought why not make a weekly illustration series to turn the pictures into beautiful art. Now every weekly update has its own dedicated illustration to showcase that week’s activities.

We have done nearly 60 illustrations and will continue to do them every week!

You can read the weekly updates here: https://bringhopefoundation.org/bhhf-weekly-updates/

Here’s some of our favorite ones.

Special thanks to Silver for crafting these beautiful illustrations every week!

Published by Bit Finer

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