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Maasoojus, which means geothermal energy, is helping Estonian people to free themselves from the role of boiler worker. It is so annoying to come home from a long day at work and mess around with the heating system. Especially in Estonia where we have +30 ℃ in summer and -30 ℃ in winter. Not to mention the cost difference.

It’s much wiser to spend time with the family and kids and spend the savings that come from a geothermal heating system on a nice vacation. A geothermal heating system is much much cost effective than any other and is fully automated. You can control the house through the smartphone wherever you are. When we learned all this, we were sold.


Leap of faith

Maasoojus’s team was one the bravest in the industry because they gave us the task to build a calculator that would bring light into the darkness. And not just a regular calculator, but one that would show realistic costs, savings and suggest the right system for people’s homes. It even had to show the difference between other heating systems. Many competitors keep this a secret and the end user only knows what he is being told. It was time for a change.

In brief, we did our research as usual. We prototyped and designed a new website with a calculator for mobile, desktop and tablet devices. The process to understand the calculator logic was something for the soul – challenging 🙂 We made it really simple to use, since people only need to input how many square metres their home is and choose if they want the heat distributed via floors or radiators. And that’s it.

In addition to the website makeover we gave a try on the illustrations as well. From simplistic iconset to heat distribution drawings with some small touches.

So in general can say the whole process was very pleasing and professionally exciting. And from what we have heard – people really like the clarity. Makes sense!

Fully transparent

Users can instantly see how much they will save in one or five years and what the difference is with other systems. In order to see the full calculation details, we built a lead generation system which, based on the analytics, works really well. Users need to enter their email to receive the detailed calculation and suggestions for their home. It all works automatically 🙂

There is an urgent need to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, dramatically reduce wasted energy, and significantly shift our power supplies from oil, coal, and natural gas to wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources.

Bill McKibben

Transparency and self service can really work. People want to know all the specifics and nothing should be left unanswered. It was a really fun experience and the knowledge gained is priceless.


➟ UX / UI Design – Lauri Post
➟ Project Management – Paul Post
➟ Development Partner – Z290b2FuZHBsYXk=
➟ Team Maasoojus




Lauri Post

Understanding the impact geothermal heating can have for people was exciting, and building the calculator even more exciting. The project is a success story.

UX/UI Designer

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