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Hot stuff!

The story of how we ended up creating KAFO’s new ecommerce website is quite random – it was and still is a big surprise. Uwaga, which is our partner agency, started to communicate with KAFO in terms of content marketing and was hired to write pure awesomeness for their coffee blog. If you are wondering who or what KAFO is, they are THE COFFEE BOSS in Estonia. They are the market leader with 20+ years of background.

One thing led to another and since we are partners in Uwaga and were participating in a content marketing meeting related to another matter, we might have slipped in a few words concerning the KAFO job and were invited to make a pitch for their new website! KAFO needed to get into ecommerce, and in a big way. Totally different, bold, giving users a unique experience.


So we got the chance, among many other design agencies, to send in our pitch and estimate. That we did, and it looks as though our pitch was so different from the others that we were chosen as the new design partner! Yess, it was a big win because we were competing against some of the big companies!

A slap in the face was coming

As usual, we did a lot of research before we started with the UX prototyping. We found out so many fascinating things and were impressed by their target groups known as user personas. KAFO’s team interview was of one of the most intense, lasting around 6 hours. We interviewed 3 internal teams that all focused on different customer segments. No breaks, 6 hours straight!

So we squeezed out as much data as we could and made a volume of notes, which we later analysed. Thanks to KAFO’s amazing corporate culture and all the nice people, gathering the information went quite easily. Credit goes to the KAFO team for being so awesome and enabling us to get their customer feedback on our questions, too.

We got it all: data from KAFO, data from KAFO’s customers, data from web analytics, and much more. This enabled us to craft hundreds of targeted UX design mockups, which constituted the new website architecture. Getting it done really excited us, again. For the first time we understood what the new website would look like.

A slap in the face, well deserved

Once we were done with the UX design, we started with the UI design (the real stuff) and to be honest we did not perform well on the first try. Strange, because we usually nail it on the first go. Anyhow, we presented our initial idea of the new design and got a slap in the face, which we totally deserved. Realising that the approach did not have that much of a WOW effect, we went back to the drawing board. Made the effort, forgot everything we had planned to do design-wise and came up with something as if there were no boundaries. That was exactly what was needed.

And it worked well 🙂

We got the style right and really felt that this time it was the one, they were gonna love it. And thankfully they did. That really kicked us on and we completed the design with full confidence. As you can also see, we were a little inspired by Ferrari, because KAFO is the Ferrari of the coffee business, if you know what I mean.

Magical words

We have to give a lot of credit to Mihkel Raud from Uwaga for the entertaining copywriting. It really gives the design life. Hopefully, the copy will someday also be in English for you to enjoy. But what we can say is that everything is totally different and the whole website is like a story. The tone is in your face, it is bold, it really speaks to you. Hidden treats all around make the website much more engaging. Even restoring your account password is not what you usually get 🙂

Care to wonder what happens when you finish your order? Hah!

We went further, we went offline

Customer experience can be good or it can be better than great. KAFO wanted to stand out from the crowd and decided that the surprise element would not be limited just to the kickass website. So we were given an assignment to take care of the packaging too. Go offline, make an impact.

Nice box, logo, that’s it? No way! The packaging we made contained a series of messages to make the customer spread the word, to keep the box and feel more loyal to KAFO. The box we designed contains humorous badges like #coffeemaniac #tasteaddict #bloodtypecoffee, and on top of that we wrote 10 humorous coffee facts for true coffeeholics and included a personal letter from KAFO’s CEO. The letter is no ordinary one, it’s revealing and personal, it’s honest and in some ways it will be an eye-opener.

Sounds good? Not yet!

You should know each package contains a few fortune cookies, too 🙂 And the content inside the cookie is hilarious: we took 40 well-known expressions and coffeefied them. Sipping your coffee has never been so exciting. We admire KAFO for going all the way to surprise and treat their customers. Customers will surely love them back.

Collaboration with guys from Uwaga / Bit Finer has been pure joy! KAFO’s new website did not turn out as another average project and you could really feel the dedication level staying persistently at 110%. I believe they keep the level with all their projects. The past 6 months has been really enjoyable and the energy has always been positive. Can definitely say that KAFO has a reliable partner for the future in hand.

Urmas Piik, KAFO

Doing a project like this requires a variety of skill sets, so we are glad we got all the ingredients together to make the recipe work even better than expected. Can’t wait for the results!

Final thoughts

If you have really read the whole piece, then, wow, you’re into details (we are too). We want to thank all the wonderful people who participated in the project, including the superstars from KAFO, Uwaga and from our secret partners in programming who gave us quite a challenge.


➟ Revolutionary challenge – Team KAFO
➟ Project management – Paul Post, Uwaga
➟ Copywriter – Mihkel Raud, Uwaga
➟ Lead UX/UI designer – Lauri Post
➟ UX/UI designer – Mathias Vain
➟ Development partner – Z290b2FuZHBsYXk=

XXL thanks

➟ Special thanks to Indrek, Erki, Priit, Gerli and Urmas from KAFO.




Lauri Post

We were enabled to follow our instincts and trust our findings. Such a pleasure to work with so inspiring team on something so unique.

UX/UI Design Lead

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