KAFO is the Ferrari of coffee and is serving only pure excellence

Baltic Ecommerce
Summit 2018 Winner

A true flagship UX/UI design project that has won numerous international awards and that has lifted our client’s revenue streams in a very positive way. And we cannot complain, either!

User Research. UX/UI Design. Front and backend development. Product Management

If you are wondering who or what KAFO is, they are THE COFFEE BOSS in Estonia. They are the market leader with a background of 20+ years.

Our goal was to throw KAFO into ecommerce, and in a big way. Totally different, bold, giving users a unique experience. One of a kind. Simple?

And that we did. The UX/UI design project for KAFO has won several international awards and generated a decent amount of business for all parties. KAFO’s customers are thrilled. KAFO is thrilled. And we’re just so excited to see it fly.


  • KAFO

Services provided

  • User Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Copywriting (Uwaga)
  • Development
  • Conversion Advice
  • Support

Project Team

  • Team KAFO, Revolutionary challenge
  • Paul Post, Project Manager
  • Lauri Post, Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Mathias Vain, Designer
  • Development Partner
  • Mihkel Raud, Copywriting

  • Special thanks to Indrek, Erki, Priit, Gerli and Urmas from KAFO.

Live project