Flexy and remote. Paycheck
or invoice – you’re the boss

Life is too short to work with hollow people, if your passions is digital madness and desire to spend your time with people alike. We don’t know what else to say. Join us.

We have a culture we live by and it has exactly 10 principles. Deadlines and goals are what matter – not the chairtime in the office. Work from home, Alaska or in our Tallinn office.

Growth Hacker

Lead miner and growth hacker wanted!

Bit Finer, a bold and internationally acknowledged digital powerhouse is offering a one time exclusive deal for an experienced growth hacker. A solid compensation package. Exclusive representative rights.


The goal is to find leads and together with the team at Bit Finer or individually close deals for one service only and one target audience only. In short we have an amazing product and a few services that help many ecommerce businesses grow. A lot. 

After having worked with clients from 20+ countries and receiving several awards, we can say that it works and so can our customers. 

What am I selling? 

Ecommerce UX and Conversion Audit – which is usually up to 50 pages of pure gold and a clear action list of what to do in order to grow to new heights. Read more from here https://bitfiner.com/audit/  

What’s my toolset? 

We will provide you with all the materials you want or need. Visuals, texts, whatever you need, you’re the boss. You will have to figure out where and how to find leads and how to get them on a demo call. We are happy to help and back you up on the calls, so you can use us for closing or do it yourself. 

We will provide you with all the information about our target audience and tell you all about the products and services. One on one training included. You can also use our team to perform the demo calls and handle the communication. Or you can do it yourself, up to you. 

We have social proof and success stories you can show, we have won many awards, we have real stuff to show, real results to show, so you are promoting the real deal, not thin air.

And also we have created the first free ecommerce kit in the world, that you can also show  https://helumium.com  

What’s the compensation? 

You will be covered with a base fee of minimum of 1000 USD to get started and you will get a hefty percentage of the closed deals, and by hefty we mean around 30-40% from the audit packages sold. A typical audit costs around 2-4k EUR, so you can do the math. It’s not bad at all.

What’s expected from me?

Excellent skills in marketing and sales. You need to have perfect English skills (or German) and know how to communicate with and persuade prospects. You know that closing a deal takes several steps and can visualize the funnels in your head and on paper. You know how to close the deal or know who to use to close the deal. You can manage your time and tasks efficiently using modern tools. 

You’re in?

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Lets talk.

UX/UI Designer

UX/UI designer – you are hired to lead, not to read ?

I was elected to lead, not to read – Dear badass designer, if you’re skilled in UI design and know a thing or two about UX design – we need to talk. If you want to take the lead – we need to talk immediately. If you’re really skilled, want to take the lead and live to show the middle finger to mediocrity – you’re hired.

No CV, please, just skills, please. Be prepared for a small demo assignment, which, considering your talent, is not exactly an effort.

Here’s what you get:

Worthy compensation for your efforts – some call it the green
Take courses, learn a lot and participate in various events – on us
Passionate team, giving the finger every day, together


You can walk the talk
You’re a team player
You’re hungry

Did it tickle your ego? Hit the button and let’s talk.


Bit Finer is looking for talented conversion optimizers and data wizards ?

You will be given a number of websites which you have to bombard with all the crazy metrics you want to measure. Now that you have sexy data flowing in – it is time to read it and make the best out of it. Research and data are the cornerstone of a good digital strategy.

You can AB test all you want, create new awesome features, talk to real users and create surveys that will help to improve our clients digital product’s UX and conversions.

You create digital awesomeness, track down the hidden-data-treasures and bring it HOME!

We expect you to have analytical mindset and ability to express your findings in a simple bullet list or even better – wireframes. If the words UX, CRO, DATA excites you, read on ?

The bullet list

✓ You will be given a number of websites and digital products
✓ You have to read the analytical data and improve the conversions by testing out new ideas on continuous basis
✓ You can use sweet tools like Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Kissmetrics, Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, Typeform, Teamweek, Trello, Jira, Invision, Sketch and many many more
✓ You only have to work on idea level because you will have a team who will support your ideas and really make it happen (from idea to live)
✓ You can take all the fame and be the hero

No CV, please

If at least 2 of mentioned tools make you excited and you know a thing or two about UX/CRO … or really really really * really really really want to learn – just let us know what the tools were and why. Let’s talk.

Did not find the 2 icons? This link is for you.

Learn & grow

You can grow at many levels and continually take several courses (on us, of course) that will improve your professional skills and career.

If this is something for you, get in touch via lauri@bitfiner.com


Bit Finer is looking for a Business Development Ninja ?

Bit Finer is looking for a business development ninja who will be sent on a mission to infiltrate a number of markets (USA, Scandinavia) and let local businesses know that the great IT country of Estonia exists and that there’s an amazing team out there who could significantly improve their digital business.

Your mission and challenge is to work with Bit Finer’s professional UX/UI/CRO team who will support you every step of the way to let closely targeted businesses know what they have been missing out on so far.

Chuck Norris has nothing on your ninja skills. Roundhouse kicks while having coffee is a piece of cake for you. You are confident and have the skills to make people around you feel it instantly. I just felt it. Wow.

To summarise

✓ You will be sent on a mission to infiltrate and communicate
✓ Bit Finer’s team will help you accomplish your goals and grow personally
✓ You can network with wonderful businesses around the world and occasionally travel
✓ You can collaborate with a passionate award-winning team
✓ You will get nice compensation for your positive impact
✓ You live for results, and just sitting around makes you anxious
✓ You are fluent in English and can communicate clearly
✓ You know how to influence people efficiently
✓ You know how to measure success
✓ You cannot wait to get started

Bonus points

✓ You know names like Robert Cialdini, Seth Godin, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, Daniel H. Pink, Zig Ziglar, Phil Knight, Joe Pulizzi, etc. and know what they have written and why.
✓ You have in-depth knowledge of psychology
✓ You read personal growth books, not novels

No CV, please

If the points above excite you and you know a thing or two about growing numbers and you want to work with passionate professionals … just let us know why you think you fit. Let’s talk. If you did not get excited, this link is for you.


Your ninja “Bujinkan”, some know it as the office, is located in Tartu’s Old Town, Rüütli 21. You can enjoy historic scenery and work in the city centre with a friendly and supportive team. The schedule is as flexible as a ninja, and occasional “Ashi sabaki” (work) from home is very ok.

Learn & grow

You can grow at many levels and continually take several courses (on us, of course) that will improve your professional skills and career. Travelling is a bonus of course.

If this is something for you, get in touch via lauri@bitfiner.com

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