BringHope Humanitarian Foundation

Facelifted brand and second run with the website

This is our second run

BringHope is a global humanitarian foundation helping more than 2 million refugees and counting. They contacted us in late 2015 with a problem – no website. BringHope needed to tell their story to European countries in order to get sizeable donations and gain more traction.

At first we first had a pleasant chat over the phone and went through most of the details to get a good start. A month later, when the project was progressing at greater speed, the founder of BringHope, Dr. Mariwan Baker, flew in from Denmark to Tallinn. We had a productive 3h meeting and were ready for the final sprint. We launched the first website with great success.

Now 2 years later

BringHope has grown into a global foundation with offices in Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Iraq and Lesotho Africa. The website we designed 2 years ago helped the founder to build bridges and network beyond imagination. Excellent work, Dr. Baker!

Branding & design facelift

Our collaboration has been very strong over the years and this has led us to the next level. We were given a very big task – to facelift the BHHF’s brand and also the website. BHHF really needed to level up in order to keep up with the fast pace of growth and also to stay ahead of the pack.

The new bird will fly higher?

Since we are a fan of numbers and data, we used the approach “think more and design less”. Using colour psychology and different types of research, we came up with new colour schemes and shapes which are more modern and persuasive. Feel free to compare the old with the new .

Already flying!

So, after a little user testing and several discussions related to multiple add-ons, the new facelifted brand was born 🙂 Sounds easy, right? Well, it was not so easy but we are extremely happy with the end result and cannot wait to see the results speak for themselves.

The bird also touched the website

t is such a privilege to do a website twice. Because the world and technologies are evolving so fast, we needed to step up the game. This time we had a much better understanding of what we needed to do. Real data, real users, real feedback.

After detailed research, we decided to go for more micro-interactions and animations. Engagement, emotion, transparency and clarity really needed to stand out. And we believe that all this will work out even better than planned.

The new website is equipped with multiple marketing tactics, illustrations, animations, sweet code and enables the end user to understand the cause within seconds. If you look at many other charity foundation websites, then this bird is far different, and for a reason.

We are quite certain that BringHope will be a game changer in the industry because of its design and technology combined with long-term vision. For example, BHHF introduces the Livetracker and Activity Feed. Donors can see in real time what happens with their donation and where it is going. Most importantly, they can see when. Of course, this is just the beginning 🙂

What is BringHope doing?

Other than saving human lives, literally, every minute? Other than being more generous than any other foundation? Other than making speeches in the European Parliament in Brussels? Other than building a football academy with the former UK football legend Kevin Campbell for refugee children? Other than distributing milk powder with the international rap star K2Rhym? Not to mention helping to build new hospitals, providing them with much needed medication and medical equipment. And to top it off, creating the biggest warehouse on the ground full of essential goods waiting for distribution.

Well, BHHF’s primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity, as well as to give the most vulnerable group, that is, refugee children, hope for the future. BHHF has provided humanitarian aid since 1999 with short-term and long-term help to homeless refugees, victims of natural disasters, wars and famines, cancer patients, and poor people. The help has intensified since 2014 because of the refugees and IDPs (internally displaced persons) in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kurdistan, with its population of approximately 5 million, has received over two million refugees in less than a year, as a result of armed conflict in the region. The refugees are mostly IDPs from Southern Iraq and include refugees from Syria. Among the refugees are more than 700,000 children, most of whom are malnourished and without proper shoes or warm clothes, while an extremely cold winter awaits them. In summary, all the refugees are urgently in need of warm clothing, shoes, sleeping bags, food, and medical care.

The new beginning

As you know, for every end, there is also a beginning. We are thankful to have such an ambitious partner like BringHope Humanitarian Foundation. We will support you in every way we can and hope our contribution will help vulnerable victims as well. As you say, together we can bring hope!

Bit Finer lifted Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation to the next level by re-designing and developing our website and also editing a professional documentary, which was over my expectations. Bit Finer's personal is creative and professional, and they deliver more than they promise

Dr. Mariwan Baker, Founder of Bring Hope

As you know, for every end, there is also a beginning. We are thankful to have such an ambitious partner like BringHope Humanitarian Foundation.

The new beginning

We will support BringHope in every way we can and hope our contribution will help vulnerable victims as well. As you say, together we can bring hope!


➟ UX/UI Designer, Illustrator – Lauri Post
➟ Junior UX/UI Designer – Mathias Vain
➟ Branding Intern – Martin Allmaa
➟ Project Management – Paul Post
➟ Animator – Franz Krusenberg
➟ Team BringHope – All the help
➟ Development Partner – Tm8xMQ==

Special thanks

➟ Dr. Mariwan Baker and Tarika Vara 😉




Lauri Post

I will never forget the first phone call from Dr. Baker. “Iraq, refugees” … what, strange? But thanks to open-mindedness, here we are years later.

UX/UI Designer, Project Lead

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