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From scratch

This interesting project is about a modular home most people can afford. It looks super beautiful, is very cost effective and can be built off the grid. When we saw the first drawings we were thrilled, but faced a big problem. The brand did not have a name or any visuals. The founder had only a few sketches and a solid pitch which persuaded us.

Finding the brand name

This was not the easiest task. We came up with many surprising names such as Avolution (a true home revolution) or Amagine (just imagine a home) and finally arrived at Avrame. Since the technology behind the homes is “A-Frame”, it kind of matched the owner’s requirements. So Avrame it was and still is 🙂


Creating the brand visuals

Surprisingly smooth was a good starter. Avrame houses are the shape of a triangle and the client wanted to offer 3 main models. Given this,we dived into colour psychology, and thought of 2 colours. Green and orange. Why?

Green is a lively color which symbolises renewal and growth. It is the colour you most often see in the natural environment and it seemed to suit perfectly the target audience. To supplement the green we used a touch of orange, because it is a more active colour and makes us react through a gut feeling; we begin to feel something at that particular moment. It was a kind of perfect match.

Exciting times

Of course, there’s a little more behind the process but this is enough to give an idea. In general, we really like how the brand turned out. And, from what we hear, people from Scandinavia and even Japan seem to like the houses. Exciting times for Avrame, for whom we wish the best! Oh and yeah, we did a simple demo landing page for Avrame too 🙂

Avrames offer all the comforts of traditional homes, but they cost about half as much. We’ll help you get your dream home without making you go into debt to do so.

Avrame is currently offering 9 different models. They have options for everything from backyard sheds to family-sized houses, and everything in between.

Efficient house designs

Each model maximizes the usefulness of its space without sacrificing comfort or appearance. The result is a house you’ll be proud to call home.

Avrame will help you save money on a house that you’ll love. We believe your home should be a launchpad, not an anchor.

Indrek Kuldkepp

Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, so anyone, including you, can do the work. Most models can be put up with just two people.

Final thoughts

➟ Brand name – Paul Post, Indrek Kuldkepp (founder)
➟ Brand visuals – Lauri Post
➟ Landing page design – Mathias Vain
➟ Project Management – Paul Post

Special thanks

➟ Team Avrame for being super active. Good luck guys! 🙂




Paul Post

It is always a special experience go create something from scratch – from an idea to a working company. Seeing the brand’s potential unfold is an exciting process. I was a little sceptical at first, I mean triangular houses! That scepticism disappeared as soon as I looked at those houses and the technology behind them.

Project Manager

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