Avrame is a home you can 
afford and it’s really beautiful

Branding Avrame was not the easiest task. We came up with many surprising names such as Avolution (a true home revolution) but finally arrived at Avrame. It took off and it’s flying.


Avrame houses are the shape of a triangle and the client wanted to offer 3 main models. Given this, we dived into colour psychology, and thought of 2 colours.

Green is a lively color which symbolises renewal and growth. It is the colour you most often see in the natural environment and it seemed to suit perfectly the target audience. To supplement the green we used a touch of orange, because it is a more active colour and makes us react through gut feeling; we begin to feel something at that particular moment. It was a kind of perfect match.

Avrame will help you save money on a house that you’ll love. They believe your home should be a launchpad, not an anchor.


  • Avrame

Services provided

  • Branding

Project Team

  • Paul Post, Brand Name
  • Lauri Post, Visuals
  • Indrek Kuldkepp (Avrame)

Live project

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