Increase profits and revenue during the crisis with a research-backed eCommerce UX audit

50+ page report

delivered in 2-3 weeks

Experience in

20 countries

Customer happiness


Is your traffic declining? Is it skyrocketing? In both cases, it is crucial to acknowledge that consumer behavior has changed. Bit Finer quickly analyses your data and customer behavior and creates an actionable to-do list, prioritized by ROI. Get your messaging, marketing, and website to reflect the present, not the past. Take actions based on data!

We have invested thousands of hours studying numerous researches, blogs, and other publications and have shared our learnings with clients from 20+ countries by now. You can tap into our knowledge and experience pool – and grow your business.

The in-depth UX audit performed by our UX/CRO experts is usually around 50+ pages and highlights concrete action points that you can immediately implement and test. The action items are prioritized for maximum ROI, meaning we prioritize action items so you can start earning faster by investing less.

We focus on mobile-first but also audit the desktop site and cover the areas below

Who is the audit for?

  • Ecommerce sites that would like to grow profits and revenue
  • Ecommerce sites that would like to spend resources more wisely and have a higher impact
  • Ecommerce sites that would like to benchmark their UX and performance
  • Ecommerce sites that would like to cater an improved UX and CX
  • Ecommerce sites that would like to save tons of time and resources on big re-designs
  • Ecommerce sites that would like to get a fresh look from an extra pair of eyes
  • Agencies who want to make sure they are on the right track with their client’s e-commerce design
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What’s included in the audit?

  • Team Interviews
  • Analytics Surveillance
  • Client questionnaires or interviews
  • Growth areas and issues listed and prioritized based on ROI (todo list)
  • Hypothesis for 5 high impact AB tests
  • Action Report (40-50+ pages on average) divided into 10 chapters
  • Online or offline personal presentation

Optional extras

  • Cross-device / browser compatibility analysis
  • Targeted on-site customer and visitor surveys
  • Heatmaps and scroll maps analysis
  • Offline and online user testing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Audit customization (B2B, telco, banking, etc.)
  • Eye-tracking

How much does the audit cost?

Considering the investment and ROI ratio, we can say it the cost is barely noticeable. If you are running an eCommerce business with monthly revenue of 50-100k, the effects will be immediate. Use our knowledge and strive in the crisis, not just survive. Understand your audience and understand what actions you need to take to strive.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you thrive. The wind will blow hard, better set up your sails the right way.

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