Audit for Prike – the leading sales and marketing company of premium beverages in the Baltics.

One of our biggest auditing undertakings yet. Bit Finer helped Prike audit their current ecommerce website and formulate an action plan - to turn something beautiful into something more than excellent. 130+ million euros of annual revenue offers plenty of opportunities to grow further.

Prike is an ambitious company with extensive traditions and has been actively operating in Estonia since 1992, expanding to the Baltics in 2003 and 2005.

With more than 90 outstanding premium Brands and 590 high quality products, Prike is one of the biggest players on the drinks and beverages market.

Years of work has brought together over 115 talented people and thousands of happy customers.

Prike is out on a mission to push themselves towards even greater excellence, no corners cut. The goal is simple, webshop should support their ambitions which is to provide a luxurious customer experience - online and offline.

As we are well-known to take on these kinds of “modest” challenges, we were excited to help Prike reach their goals.

We did not hold ourselves back and divided the audit into ten chapters, including heuristic analysis and observations, analytics health check, in-depth cross-device analysis, team interviews, customer questionnaires and onsite surveys, heatmaps & scrollmaps analysis, offline user testing and many other chapters including the step by step roadmap to achieve the goals.

In data we trust! And there we were, totalling into a report of more than 50 pages of pure gold. After many weeks and long hours, we finally met behind the table to present the findings (golden nuggets). Sometimes going all in really pays off. It is a pure pleasure to work with clients like Prike, who are willing to go that extra mile to really understand what their customers want and do everything they can to make their lives more enjoyable.

Was it worth it? 100%. Even some minor tweaks can bring in additional 100k+ euros of extra revenue. Just imagine if you would implement all the finding and AB test them even further?


  • Prike AS

Services provided

  • Conversion Audit
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • Tech audit

Project Team

  • Team Prike
  • Gauthier, Paul, Lauri from Bit Finer

  • Special thanks to Kelly and the whole Prike family!

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