Bit Finer is a results-oriented design agency with a simple goal - to grow your business and make it more profitable. We first analyse your business and only then design the website / app to make it really work. We always back up beautiful designs with smart layouts and messaging.

Located in Europe, Estonia, a well-know IT country where people are passionate about information technology and like to get things done. With skills and a positive attitude, we aim to do things a touch more finely, which all adds up in the end. If your business is your passion and you want to upgrade your online presence and improve the looks along with the books, we’re here to help.

We mainly work remotely, but before every project we like to meet personally to have a better idea of who it is we are working with. The project always has milestones and is divided into measurable steps so we can maintain a good pace and deliver results with greater precision.

Here’s what you get:

✔ Beautiful designs backed up by research and data
✔ Optimized and proven tactics to grow your business
✔ A results-orientated website / app

Why us?

“We tend to think before we speak”

This means before designing your next website / app we analyse your business and ambitions. We talk with your customers and use research-based tactics to make the new designs really work and eliminate the risk of failure. We have a proven track record and take you from start to finish - we usually deliver more than you expect.

Key Persons

Lauri Post

Lauri Post
Account Manager and Designer

Lauri is the founder of Bit Finer and takes your project from start to finish with a hands-on approach. When it comes down to details, questions emerge, answers seem to appear and things shape up. Whenever there is time, you can find Lauri learning, experimenting with some designs and travelling. / +372 557 8524

Paul Post

Paul Post
Project Manager, Lauri's brother

Paul is passionate about business and marketing. If you want your products to be business orientated, Paul is the man for the job. He obsesses over questions like why, who, why, where and when. He is also a Certified ScrumMaster®. / +372 5620 5246

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