2 Audits for Denim Dream – one of the best-known fashion retailer in the Baltics.

Denim Dream with around 80 million euros of revenue, 400 employees and 120 retail stores gave Bit Finer two exciting challenges. To audit their ecommerce website and mobile app. The result was a report of nearly 100 pages, packed with in-depth analysis and a clear step by step roadmap to take the online business to new heights.

The Denim Dream retail chain is well-known in all Baltic States for its wide brand selection, world-famous brands as, superior customer experience and as well as more classic fashion brands like Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Pepe Jeans, Diesel and many more.

Owning more than 120 stores in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Their goal is to offer their clients unforgettable fashion experiences and excellent personal service, in order to make the shopping process as easy and convenient as possible - online and offline.

Challenge accepted. Start!

We dove in the depths and started to thoroughly go through Denim Dream's website and analytics. Intensive heuristic analysis, team interviews, tens and tens of pages of research based UX improvements, heatmaps and click maps, analytics health check and tens of pages of more in-depth analysis, examples and mobile and desktop specific suggestions. And a lot more.

The expectations were high and as expected the first audit was a success!

Wait, there is more?

As the first audit for the ecommerce website was successfully behind us, it was time to move on to the mobile application.

Denim Dream has built a special app for their loyal shoppers to make the experience on mobile even more comfortable and to create more repetitive business in the process.

The goal was again simple, craft a clear research based roadmap to turn the mobile app into a conversion machine, suiting even the most demanding customers.

No pressure. We took the heuristic analysis one step further and really obsessed over the small details, laying out nearly 20 pages of analysis and suggestions. We also crafted an extensive competitor analysis and clear instructions to set up a bulletproof marketing oriented analytics setup, tracking even the slightest movements.

Needless to say the sense of accomplishment was big for both sides :)

So what's next? Let's see :)


  • Denim Dream

Services provided

  • UX/CRO Audit
  • Conversion Research
  • Consultation

Project Team

  • Team Denim Dream
  • Gauthier, Serge, Arthur, Paul and Lauri from Bit Finer

  • Special thanks to Rene, Mari-Liis, Gerly and the whole Denim Dream family!

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